Q&A On How To Start The Rewriting Process
Excerpt From "A Meeting of the Minds"

By MusicDish [05-17-2002]

"I have difficulty with the first step of the rewriting process. How do you know where to start? I don't know what to keep or take out."

Gary Talley: "That's when you get feedback from somebody else."

Kim Copeland: "Maybe you're too close to it and you can't see the forest from the trees. That's when another opinion can help."

Barbara Cloyd: "I hope that when I give someone a critique, that I point the way to where they might want to start rewriting. Every time I give a critique, I'm making my comments as if you're going to tear this song apart and go back and rewrite it. If you don't want to do that, then at least understand the concept of rewriting. I think it's most important that you listen to the song and you understand why it's weak, and that you understand the feedback that you're getting from it. If you're not going to rewrite that song, then try not to make the same mistake on the next song, just learn from it. Sometimes, when you've spent all that time putting a song together, and all of the pieces fit, you don't know where to pull it out and reconstruct it. If you don't, then just leave it and go on to the next one."

Kim Copeland: "Everybody says things differently and things are going to resonate differently with people. What we've all said is to get a lot of feedback. Go to your ASCAP or BMI rep, go to your publisher if you have one. Get as many songwriting evaluations as you can. Go to your songwriting group. You may get the same feedback said in a different way. If it does make sense to you, it could send you in a different direction."

Jason Blume: "If you get different feedback from different people, which you will - that's guaranteed because this is not science here - you've got to see what resonates with you. What do you feel is going to make that song better."

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