Paulina Rubio - A Dream Fulfilled

By MusicDish [08-21-2002]

"Don't Say Goodbye" - english version
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"Si Tu Te Vas" - spanish version
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Paulina Rubio is today one of the most successful artists in the industry. Through her own efforts she has overcome difficult obstacles and devoted herself to a career that speaks for itself.

She began in 1980 when she decided to enroll in "El Centro de Capacitacion de Televisa," a school of the arts devoted to nurturing new talent. Due to her own perseverance, confidence and talent she was chosen to be part of the most influential musical group of the 80*s.

In 1982, she was selected to be part of the group Timbiriche. Paulina remained with the group for 10 years. She received much praise and recognition and was considered the most important member of the group.

Her dream of becoming a great singer began the first time she performed in public. Proceeding with her professional preparations, she alternated her group rehearsals with private jazz, singing, and phonetic studies in Los Angeles, California.

It was in 1991 that Paulina decided to leave the group and begin her career as a soloist. She traveled to Spain to fulfill her dream. Her first solo production, La Chica Dorada was produced Miguel Blasco. La Chica Dorada included hit singles such as "Mio," "Amor De Mujer," and Sabor a Miel," all three reaching number one on the charts. In just a few months her album soared, becoming her first Gold Record. In May 1993 the album reached Platinum-plus status, selling over three hundred thousand units.

That same year Paulina recorded her second album in Spain, once again alongside Miguel Blasco. 24 Kilates was a great success with hits such as "Nieva, Nieva," "El Me EngaŅo" and "Asunto De Dos." In Mexico she was awarded a gold record for selling over one hundred fifty thousand units.

Now as a soloist with 2 albums reaching gold & platinum status, Paulina went on to star in 2 Latin soap operas that strengthened her recognition and popularity among the public as well as the press. Once again she succeeded. This new medium opened up a whole new world for Paulina. As a result of her popularity, she was invited to perform 2 of her hit songs at "Festival ViŅa del Mar" in Chile, where entertainment artists come together to perform.

For her third recording, the artist again worked in conjunction with Miguel Blasco to produce another fantastic production. Paulina recorded vocals at South Beach Studios and Studio Center in Miami. Meanwhile, Miguel produced the incredible music that would then be incorporated to become El Tiempo Es Oro. Released in January 1995, the album once again was embraced by audiences everywhere.

During the promotion of "Nada De Ti," the second single from El Tiempo Es Oro Paulina was working on her third soap opera, "Pobre Niña Rica,"produced by Enrique Segoviano. Sure enough, a new project was now developing. Paulina spent some time in Spain working on a new program "Vive El Verano." In this program Paulina had the opportunity to convey her charisma and charm to Latin audiences everywhere.

Paulina*s talent was not limited to music and televison. Her dream of becoming a star would go far beyond her expectations. Film producers recognized Paulina*s gifts and hardship and she was soon cast as the lead in the motion picture, "Besame an la Boca".

For Paulina, singing is the most vital of her career goals. That is why she worked on her new production, Paulina, for 2 years. The hard work is evident in her new project. Paulina, produced by Estefano, is defined by her as a compilation of the evolution of music throughout the last 100 years in which styles such as pop, funk, jazz, house, techno, dance, folk, and Latin roots are united.

Work by top notch composers such as Estefano, Armando Manzanero, Juan Gabriel y Christian de Walden is all combined on this new production. "Lo Hare Por Ti," written by Estefano is the first single to be released.

Paulina is youthful, beautiful and versatile. She sings, dances and acts. Because she is unbelievably multi-talented, all of her ventures have ended in triumph. Paulina is the best addition to her collection of successful works.


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