Music From And Inspired By XXX
Videos from Gavin Rossdale, Hatebreed, Pastor Troy and Rammstein

By MusicDish [08-21-2002]

Rammstein - "Feuer Frei!"

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Gavin Rossdale - "Adrenaline"

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Hatebreed - "I Will Be Heard"

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Pastor Troy - "Are We Cuttin"

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Universal Records' gold-selling soundtrack to the summer's hottest movie, Music From and Inspired by XXX, has taken the music world by storm! The CD set comprised of one rock and one hip-hop CD has sold over 76,000 copies its first week in stores placing it squarely at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 and making it the #1 Soundtrack in the country! The record DOMINATED the Soundscan charts scoring the #5 slot on the Alternative, Rap and R&B charts overall, and the #2 in the Hard Music chart overall. The movie, this summer's high-octane, action-packed espionage thrill ride starring Vin Diesel and directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast And The Furious), grossed a stunning $46 million its first weekend in theaters.

"Adrenaline," a song written especially for XXX by Glen Ballard and Gavin Rossdale has been burning up the airwaves amassing over 1,000 spins weekly with a combined BDS radio audience of 7.3 million. The video is being played on MTV weekly and MTV2 is playing "Adrenaline" as well as Hatebreed's "I Will Be Heard" video. The Urban single, "Are We Cuttin" by Pastor Troy is in medium rotation on BET and has a combined BDS radio audience of 5 million and climbing.

Put together by Executive Producer, Avery Lipman and Kathy Nelson of UMG Soundtracks Music From and Inspired by XXX is an explosive collection that features music from some of today's most-popular hip-hop and rock artists on Universal Records.

Track listing

Disc 1:
1) Rammstein - "Feuer Frei"
2) Drowning Pool - "Bodies" (Vrenna XXX Mix)
3) Hatebreed - "I Will Be Heard"
4) Queens Of The Stone Age - "Millionaire"
5) Mushroomhead - "Before I Die"
6) Flaw - "Get Up Again"
7) Moby - "Landing"
8) Gavin Rossdale - "Adrenaline"
9) Fermin IV - "004"
10) Orbital - "Technologicque Park"

Disc 2:
1) Nelly featuring Toya - "Stick Out Ya Wrist"
2) Lil' Wayne - "Look At Me"
3) N.E.R.D. featuring Kelis & Pusha T - "Truth Or Dare"
4) Pastor Troy featuring Ms. Jade - "Are We Cuttin'"
5) Big Tymers - "Still Fly"
6) Mack 10 featuring Ice Cube, W.C. & Butch Cassidy - "Connected For Life"
7) Mr. Cheeks featuring Missy Elliott & P. Diddy - "Lights, Camera, Action! "(Remix)
8) Postaboy featuring Rashad - "I'm Okay"
9) Dani Stevenson - "Yo, Yo, Yo"
10) Joi - "Lick"

"Music From and Inspired By XXX," released by Universal Records, is comprised of one rock and one hip hop CD, both with 10 tracks. XXX is this summer's high-octane, action-packed espionage thrill ride starring Vin Diesel.

The first rock singles off Music From and Inspired By XXX will be Hatebreed's "I Will Be Heard" and "Adrenaline," which was written especially for the movie by Glen Ballard and performed by Gavin Rossdale. The Hatebreed track is featured during the climatic scene of the movie accentuating one of the most thrilling sequences on film to date. Rammstein appear in the movie as themselves performing the track that opens the rock CD, "Feuer Frei," in the opening scene of the film.

The first hip hop single comes from Universal's captivating sometimes, controversial and always charasmatic rising southern rap street minister Pastor Troy, entitle "Are We Cuttin" featuring newcomer Ms. Jade and produced by renowed hip hop producer Timbaland. Other hip hop heavyweights include Nelly, The Cash Money Millionaire's clique Lil' Wayne and the Big Tymers, Mr. Cheeks and R&B soul diva Joi.

The 10-track hip hop cd features Universal Records hip-hop heavyweights Big Tymers "Still Fly," Mr. Cheeks' "Lights, Camera Action," Nelly's "Stick Out Ya Wrist," Lil Wayne's "Look At Me," and Connected for Life" by Mack 10. The cd also introduces new Universal acts Posta Boy and Rashad (featured together on "I'm Okay") and vocalist Dani Stevenson --- already known for her performance on Nelly's "Hot In Herre" on "Yo Yo Yo." Innovative soulstress Joi rounds out the set with the saucy, erotic "Lick," a track also found on her Universal Records debut, Star Kitty's Revenge.


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