Interview With Some Offbeat Gimcracks

By John Foxworthy, Garage Radio [04-10-2003]

Garage Radio sat down with the guys from The B.O.G for a little chat recently. Since they were our first Headliner of the Month ,we thought it only appropriate to get to know a little more about them. Kind of a wild bunch from Virginia, we had a blast conducting this interview. They brought with them some very solid views on some of the issues plaguing the music industry and today's local music scene, along with a lesson on creative diversity. I got to chat with guitarist Bill Tash and DJ John Kraus. Here’s how the interview went.

[Garage Radio] I have to ask … where did the name come from?

The B.O.G. Well like most bands we wanted something different. We stumbled upon BOG and decided it needed a little more kick to the name. We decided to try some acronyms with B.O.G such as boys on girls, balls of glass, big old grandmas.… These were just a few before we stuck on Boomtown Offbeat Gimcracks.

[Garage Radio] Who is the main writing force in The B.O.G, or is it a full team effort?

The B.O.G. We all have contributed to the writing process. What usually happens is one of us brings something to the table and we build on it. We rarely write a song in one evening. It’s a long process of trial and error until we have the arrangement the way we like it. Many of the songs we have now changed with the recording process. I have to give some credit to our recording engineer, Jeff Covert, of Wally Cleaver Studios for his part in the final arrangement, as well. His experience and direction really helped us with our final product.

[Garage Radio] What are your favorite songs and why? What do they mean to you?

The B.O.G. You know, people always like to ask us that question and I tell them the same thing. It all depends on whom you ask and when you ask them. They are all our favorites on particular occasions. For myself, I would have to say whatever ever it is that we happen to be working on. We are going to add some live material that you have not heard on the web site, so keep a look out

[Garage Radio] Your particular style of music is unique. Who are your main influences?

The B.O.G. We really have quite a diverse range of musical tastes in the band. Some general favorites that we enjoy are Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Grateful Dead, AC/DC, as well as Tribe Called Quest, Everlast, Beasty Boys and Gangstar.

[Garage Radio] What type of stuff (music) do you listen to now, when it’s not your own? Any particular radio station you want to plug?

The B.O.G. System of a Down, STP, Incubus and Menudo. (Just kidding about Menudo:-) Radio- in F-burg WYSP 99.3, Richmond- XL 102, who has played our stuff on their local music show Sunday nights called Studio B.

[Garage Radio] CARP and RIAA. We like to ask all of our artists this oneJ. Are you guys familiar with either of these organizations? Where do you stand on these issues? Do you agree with trading media online or should everyone pay a fee? Should radio stations be allowed to “Webcast” their broadcasts?

The B.O.G. Vaguely- it’s a bunch of nonsense. The industry has so much tied into their marketing schemes that the fear of losing control over the market scares them. They really need to accept the new medium and use their marketing skill to find other ways to bring their industry into the 21st century and beyond. There is more than enough money to go around in other ways than to bust people for sharing the music they may have already bought. Most of the people I know download music they're interested in and if they like it, they end up buying the albums anyway! Where do we stand- share it all! Never pay fees! You need to build your number and make money off advertisers. - Do you know how many Simpson’s episodes I have on tape?

[Garage Radio] You guys hail from Fredricksburg, VA. I’m not really familiar with the territory. What is the music scene like?

The B.O.G. You know, we really try hard in this town and like living here, but for live music it stinks! There is no scene, just good nights and bad nights. The one joint that actually supports the local music scene is Orbit’s Downtown Eatery. Big props to them.

[Garage Radio] What’s up and coming for you guys? Any prospects, radio play, etc?

The B.O.G. The future for us is to break into the Richmond scene and North Carolina, (which we have done playing in Raleigh), as well. There is not much that interests us in D.C. (other than the 9:30 CLUB), so we tend to head south. We also have plenty of new music we need to record, so we will continue to work on that. Also we want to offer our listeners some of our new stuff recorded live via the web site, so keep on checking back.

[Garage Radio] I wanna thank youz guys for your time and close out by asking if you have anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

The B.O.G. Thanks, we appreciate what Garage Radio is doing and will continue to support you guys and the bands we hear on the web site. Also we would like to thank the Top Sites contest for having us on their list and spreading the music. Thanks,

We enjoyed the time we spent with the guys from The Boomtown Offbeat Gimcracks. They really brought a lot of insight into the chat with us and we appreciate the time they took out to visit. It was really cool to see that these guys have gone through the same type of stuff as the rest of us building a band. They all seem to get along pretty well, both personally and musically. The B.O.G can be heard on the Garage Radio stream or you can download their music at .


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