Without U & I, There Is No Music Tour 2000 @ Shine, NYC
The Shining Spa

By Daddy Lion Chandell [02-16-2000]

On February 2, 2000, a terribly cold night deep in the heart of Tribeca, a redeeming warmth is brought upon my soul as well as my physical as I enter the club Shine on West Broadway [NYC], where there is something going on. Something is happening here and it's like a dream come true for the nearest local indie Rock band at large. I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about Spa Records recently and their nationwide Without U & I, There Is No Music tour, album, and campaign, which we at MusicDish and Mi2N are happy to sponsor. Now it's time to take a rather brief but focused journey in the life of a one-time-only date of an extensive, intense independent Rock band tour.

At Shine in NYC's semi-lonely Tribeca area of Lower Manhattan, I am pleased to meet three lovely representatives of Spa Records, an independent but extremely professional company founded by the same three lovely reps along with a fellow gentleman, all of whom were former executives at other labels. The place is not packed but crawling (which is close enough). The atmosphere is cool and everyone's having a good time. And soon, I am introduced to 3 new, truly down-to-earth experiences in Rock.

The first experience hails from Connecticut and goes by the name of Eclectic Nobody's (don't ask me why the apostrophe is there). The group's stage presence and performance was almost like that of legends. Unfortunately, I didn't really get too much of a hint of what their songs were, since they were new to me, but the group members are down to earth and down to a science. Eclectic Nobody's took the word "independent" and ran with it, as they formed their own label, Urge Records, and released their self-titled debut album by themselves. But if you ever saw the album, you probably would think that a major distributor was behind it all. Now, the look of the album is one thing, but, as always, the songs are another thing, and I plan to bring that album in front of you soon. In the meantime, Eclectic Nobody's featured song on the Without U & I, There Is No Music compilation (whose cover looks strikingly similar to one of my favorite things in life) is called "Come." Speaking of which, come with me to the next group.

Howling Diablos hail from Detroit, and if they were ever to hail a cab, they would probably need about 32 of them to fit the amount of people they will attract. The group has been around for at least five years and have released two or three albums to my knowledge on the Overture Music label, one of which (of all things in the world for an indie band) was actually a live album. Their songs blend Rock with a pinch of Blues and an occasional touch of Hip-Hop. HD brought a loyal following with them all the way from Detroit to enjoy the pleasure of checking out their musical heroes perform in New York. One particular song entitled "O.C.J." (I forgot the full title) drove both New Yorkers and Detroitians crazy. One of their peoples even had a shirt on with the song's chorus. Speaking of which, O.C.J. stands for Oakland County Jail, which, in this case, is not in California. And since I don't know the full story or lyrics to that delicious song, I can't go too much further into it. However, definitely look forward to more on the Diablos, probably the biggest band in the set consisting of at least six members. Their song on the Without U & I, There Is No Music album is called "Green Bottle."

Last but not least is New York's very own Kilgore Trout, a four-piece band who already has a video for one of their songs. The aura around their music seems somewhat mystical; a hard-rock, yet relaxable edge. They already have an EP ready, and we look forward to the official launching of their own label, Sundried Records. Who knows if you can get your hands on the EP? If not, you can look on the Without U & I, There Is No Music project for Kilgore Trout's tune entitled (ironically) "Nobody."

I told you it would be brief. But fret not; this is only the beginning of the DLC perspective on this very special event in new Rock music. On that note, there's a prediction coming to mind somehow that the very special Spa Records album at hand will become a collector's item. Why? Because I'm predicting that at least one of the bands will progress further ahead. I'm sorry I couldn't speak more on this special event. But as sure as there is no music without you and I, I will definitely be back.

For more information on the Spa Records Tour, visit their website or read on in MusicDish.

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