Widespread Panic - Live From The Brickyard In Austin, TX
Sanctuary Records

By MuzikMan (DVD Reviews) [07-10-2003]

Artist: Widespread Panic (www.widespreadpanic.com)
Title: Live From The Brickyard in Austin, TX
Label: Sanctuary Records (www.sanctuaryrecordsgroup.com)
Genre: Rock/Jam, American Traditional, Southern, Blues
Format: DVD (2 Discs)

Live From The Brickyard in Austin, TX is an honest slice of American pie from one of our original homegrown bands, Widespread Panic. What I found watching all this was that the band is a close-knit family of people dedicated to their music and fans. Not one of the members have let success go to their heads and they all genuinely appreciate each other, and that is exactly why it continues to work year after year.

What a complete musical experience this two DVD set is! You get an entire concert of Widespread Panic playing some of their best songs plus in depth interviews with each band member and their road crew. The road crew talks their responsibilities and it what it is like working for a band like WSP. I now have a much better appreciation of what goes into making a concert happen and all the people that are involved in that process, it was a real eye opener for me.

Never has it been more apparent to me the all-around talent that this great band has. I have heard it come through in their studio work and a recent live CD, although it was much different to witness visually. It was truly an amazing thing watching each song reach its fullest potential before my eyes.

I noticed the effortless playing of Todd Nance (drums, vocals) and Domingo Ortiz (percussion, vocals). I would have never appreciated their talent as much without actually seeing them play together. Nance sits straight as an arrow while always looking completely relaxed; I find it amazing that he plays so hard without moving from his seat. Ortiz has a plethora of instruments at his disposal besides his congas, the didgeridoo being one the more interesting ones. I did not realize how many actually, until his personal tech was filmed setting up everything for him while talking about what it's like working with him so closely. It is things like this that you never have the opportunity to experience while listening to a CD at home or in your car.

What can you say about the other players in this group except that they are all phenomenal; the unique voice of the group, the incomparable John Bell (guitar, lead vocals), John Hermann (keyboards) and the ultra talented and extremely intelligent bass player David Schools are all part of what makes WSP so special to their fans.

Watching the entire concert was amazing. You get over 2 _ hours of music and intimate portraits of each member of the band. They all sing and play so well, it is mind boggling how much diversity this band commands in just one of their songs. You will see and hear everything in this spectacular performance. It does not get any better than this for jam band fans, well, for music fans in general actually. WSP fans will love this; it is a necessary purchase. For anyone that has witnessed what this group does live you will want this as a memento to your experience. I do not think there is band recording today that sounds like them nor plays a style even close, they are in class and genre all by themselves. A new addition to their live performance this time out was special guest Randall Bramblett on saxophone, adding yet another dimension to their sound. He does a terrific job blending in with everything that is going on. Also George McConnell, whom the band has known for many years, is a guest on guitar and vocals (he is now a fulltime member, check out the new release Ball). George is a great talent and he cuts loose with some lighting quick guitar frequently during the course of the concert.

This DVD is technically sound and the picture and production values are superb, I could not have asked for more. I could go on forever about this DVD but I will end this by saying…just get it!

Disc 1
Set One
1. Weight Of The World
2. Down
3. Tall Boy
4. Rock
5. Little Lilly
6. Sleeping Man
7. Trouble
8. Doretha
9. Sometimes

Set 2
1.Bayou Lena
2. Give
3. Old Neighborhood
4. Get In Get Out
5. Stop Breakin' Down blues
6. Drums
7. Pickin' Up The Pieces
8. Christmas Katie
9. Action Man

1. Old Joe
2. Blue Indian
3. Imitation Leather Shoes

Disc 2
1. Movie / Behind the scenes collage
2. Exclusive Band Interview
3. Panic Pastimes
4. Meet The Crew
5. Photo Gallery

Product Details:
Release Date: 2/4/2003
Format: DVD - Letterbox

Production and Technical Notes:
Presentation: Letterbox
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Features: Dolby Digital 5.1, Surround Sound, 5.1 DTS, Dolby Digital Stereo; Instant song access; Exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage
Language: English
Time: 2 Hours 37 Minutes
Concert Running Time 157 Minutes

John Bell: vocals, guitar
John Hermann: keyboards, vocals
Todd Nance: drums, vocals
Domingo Ortiz: percussion, vocals
David Schools: bass, vocals

Special Guests:
Randall Bramblett: saxophone, vocals
George McConnell: guitars, vocals

Sitting In:
Cody Dickinson: percussion
Luther Dickinson: guitar

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