Meshell Ndegeocello - Comfort Woman

By Tamara Harris, Cinque Zenith [11-21-2003]

Artist: Meshell Ndegeocello
Title: Comfort Woman
Label: Maverick (
Label: Soul/Funk

Supreme funkster, enduring soul chanteuse Meshell Ndegeocello never disappoints her fans because she always comes with the funk. In Comfort Woman she raps love and religious bigotry into a sphere of blue-paneled dub centers and long-standing peace riddims that ride the folds of her visceral grooves.

This album's motif is hold onto your soul and always love. From the first notes of "Love Song No. 1" to the message of "Forgiveness and Love" Ndegeocello proves that she is steadfast in her commitment to music that pours from her soul and remains foreign to life-sucking marketing plans. A THX-sounding whirl of notes opens Comfort Woman's celestial suite of Boho cool good enough to make the most of rhythm and melody. It is a collection of meandering watery songs that flow along and impart big feelings in compact lyrics. The brisk soul polemics of Cookie are leveled by faithful Barry White mack-o-doshishness.

Meshell's chocolate alto liquefies by dint of honey emotion in nearly everyplace of the CD. In the ways of Marvin and Prince she is always half-lover half-mystic. The paganistic world of Meshell can see spirituality and greet the allurement of the body. "Body's" balmy rhythm guitar and sung repetitions divines a slinky love dance. "Forgiveness And Love" is a Buddha recipe for freedom gained by those who can know that all gods are real for their worshippers. Bob Marley chant-o-matics stylizes her words and arrangement on the song that was a free download for fans earlier this year. "Love Song # 3" is the apogee of a sluggish guitar climb consonant with ambitions of foreplay. Comfort Woman is an exact title for this LP by way of the cushy music played by the wicked Ndegeocello, her band and producer/instrumentalist Allen Cato.


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