Re. Djembe Drum Music: Yaya Diallo Interrupts The Silence
Djembe and Djembefola

By Reader Post [02-16-2004]

As a proffesional hand drummer and someone who has been around the New York City Djembe community, this is a breathe of fresh air. In a quest to learn as much as possible about the Djembe and music of West Africa I'm often leary of misinformation, but have accepted to just absorbe from everyone, whether it is delivered as the law from an american or gracefully expressed by a native west african djembefola. I dedicate a good amount of time to exploring rhythms with people who can sometimes be exausting in there pursuits to deem things tradional or not. I've often thought that probably most west african djembefola don't concern themselves with that nearly as much, It's interesting to hear this more or less expressed. I spend a lot of time experimenting with musicians where my focus is very much about incorporating the essence and feeling of djembe with other types of music. it can be very refreshing, because I am just expressing how that feeling can roll through me without worryting about being "correct". At the same time, even though there is more exposure to traditional playing in a big city like New york, there is not enough to ease the purism within the community. In other words, not enough people have the mentality of just exploring without having to be some kind of authority. I very much hope to see great amounts of growth in the djembe world, I hope that unity and harmony will be at the forefront of it's growth.


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