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By MusicDish [11-15-2004]

MusicDish Associate Writer Scott G, who writes and records under the name The G-Man, is a member of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) and writes about music for many organizations, including Los Angeles Music Productions, L.A. Local Music Scene, Los Angeles Music Network, and StudioExpresso.com. His artist and product reviews are found all over the Internet via the Immedia Wire Service.

Beginning with songs for his plays "Partial Eclipse" (California Repertory Theatre) and "Secret Sex" (Basement Theatre), he began crafting songs for a new form of music known as grin groove. The genre called grin groove fuses the beats of dance music with the melodies of pop music.

The G-Man's albums are released by Delvian Records. Grin Groove(2002) and Electro Bop (2003) have been hailed as sonic masterpieces by reviewers, and tracks are being played in clubs around the globe: Hollywood, Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam, Brazil, Spain, Australia, and more.

"Jam Socket Tango" from Grin Groove Jam Socket Tango

"Anthem of Our Dreams" from Electro Bop Anthem of Our Dreams

His songs have been called "Moby meets Bowie" (by producer Pete Anderson), "Moby meets Devo" (by TV producer Paul Rich), and "The rhythm of machines with melodies of the heart" (by music writer Janis Amy).

In January, 2004, Delvian Records released The Platinum Age Of The Remix, with G-Man songs in dance/trance mixes by Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney) and many others.

"Object of Desire (Lift My Soul Mix)" from The Platinum Age Of The Remix Object of Desire (Lift My Soul Mix)

Sonic Tonic, his next album, is completed and has already excited many listeners in the industry, including members of the multi-Grammy-winning producers collective, StudioExpresso, and his fellow members of NARIP the National Association of Record Industry Professionals.

In addition to creating great songs, Scott is the owner of G-Man Music & Radical Radio, where he produces award-winning radio commercials and composes music for both radio and TV commercials. He truly bridges the worlds of music journalism and music creation. He was named Journalist of the Year at the 1999 Los Angeles Music Awards; he was named Electronica Artist of the Year by the 2002 Los Angeles Music Awards.

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